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14 Back to School Memes All Teachers Can Relate To

What do you mean it is back to school time already? Didn't summer break just start? Celebrate your "excitement" to return to work by sharing some of these funny back to school memes with your teacher friends.  

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1 - Ya'll Got Any More of Them Summer Break Days?

Come to the end of July or any day in August, most teachers are trying to find a way to squeeze out any semblance of a summer break continuing.  

Ya'll Got any more of them summer break days

2 - The dreaded back to school reminders

Back to school ads. Back to school signs. Emails from the school. We get it! School is coming back whether we like it or not. Just please stop with all of the reminders!

Back to school teacher meme - running from back to school reminders

3 - Teacher supply shopping

It is unfortunate that teachers usually are responsible for most of the supplies in their classroom.  This looks like a great deal to help get through it though.

Back to school supplies meme

4 - So many missed opportunities

When summer starts, you have a full list of things you want to do for fun and to get your life in order.  Then you blink and you're standing in front of a new classroom with your checklist barely completed.

Summer break plans meme for teachers

5 - So many amazing new mandates to follow

Who doesn't love a new mandate from the school?  Sorry, it is hard to type out sarcasm in a meme blog post.  Leave a comment below with some of you outlandish new mandates.

Teachers new back to school mandates meme

6 - Please stop reminding us

I do see the irony in this post full of back to school memes and this particular meme being another sad reminder. But seriously, the signs are everywhere!

Back to school reminders meme

7 - SO many back to school signs

Seriously, they are EVERYWHERE! Who else walks into a Target or Walmart and tries to keep their eyes down when seeing all of the back to school signs posted all over the stores?

teachers avoiding back to school signs meme

8 - Summer is a time for procrastinating

Non-teachers don't realize how much prep actually goes into getting ready for the new school year.  Teachers do know the pain of having to do this prep work during THEIR VACATIONS. That's why we postpone it as long as possible.

First week of school lesson plan procrastinating meme

9 - Are summer days actually shorter?

It sometimes feels like the school year is 9 years long while summer break feels like a 5 day weekend.  I hope you at least got to enjoy the break while it was flying by this year.

Summer break over too fast meme for teachers

10 - Feeling relaxed? Well, I've got some bad news...

Teaching is hard work. It is very stressful at times and incredibly exhausting...all of the time. A fake study I just made up says that it takes 9 weeks for a teacher to start to recover from a school year.  Once you realized you are relaxed and full of summer bliss, it's time to start working on next year's syllabus. 

teachers realizing it is back to school - teacher meme

11 - Just give me the roster already!

You're going to need that class list soon to get your class ready. Let's just get it already and get this done with.

class roster labeling meme for teachers

12 - The longest Sunday ever

Once that calendar turns over to August, you know what is coming next.  The entire month just feels like you have to go right back to work.

teachers during august meme for summer break

13 - Finally got that roster we were asking for...

You've gotta love budget cuts that fill your classroom wall to wall.  Sure, another kid or 5 will be no problem for you.  You're a super human with plenty of time, patience, and wine back home.

large classroom size class roster meme for teachers

14 - On closer inspection of that class name list...

The dreaded sibling!  There was that one student 3 years ago that started to make some of your hairs turn grey.  You can only hope that this student's brother or sister isn't going to make your head go full Santa Claus.

bad student sibling name on class roster - teacher meme

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