Why does my shirt smell like vinegar?

There will likely be a strong vinegar-like smell when you open the bag for new shirts.  The printers that I work with use a pre treatment on garments before printing.  Once the pre treatment is sprayed and the image is printed the garment then is sent through the dryer.  The pre-treatment is necessary for the ink to dry to the garment in the dryer. Once the garment passes the quality control check they are bagged and labeled for shipping.  So the smell can be strong.  The smell should come out in a wash with cold water and light detergent.

How long is your fulfillment period?

All of our products are made for order aka print on demand so there is no stock of items held.  The turnaround time from ordering something until it is shipped is usually between 2 and 7 business days except around peak periods like December when holiday shopping brings that closer to 5-9 business days.