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Teacher Olympics - Events Teachers would Dominate in the Olympics

olympic gold medalTeachers are #bestofus every day!

While the Olympians were out there representing us in international competition, our teachers at home were representing us in the most important arena: the classroom. While teachers do amazing things every day, they almost never get medals. Here are some events that teachers would dominate in the Olympics!

Copier Un-jamming Relay

Every teacher has experienced the same panic when there are  ten minutes until class starts, copies for the day  are almost finished, and suddenly the copier jams. The copier makes that familiar squelch as the paper crunches,  and every light blinks a blaring red. You think to yourself, so, it’s this kind of day? For this reason, teachers are experts with the inner-workings of a copy machine.

In this event, teams of teachers will compete in a relay race to unjam a series of copy machines and make a set of 30 copies. To successfully complete this event, the copier must function and still contain all of its original parts. Bonus points will be awarded to teams that staple, collate, and 3-hole-punch a packet of more than two pages.

“The Look”

Every person who has ever sat in a classroom knows about “the look.” The methodology is simple. During a lesson, a teacher notices a student not on track, or one that is about to misbehave. Then, this teacher will squint their eyes slightly and direct her attention like a laser beam to this student’s eyes. The teacher and the student then have a mutual understanding and the class continues as planned. This technique, if used properly, is 99.9% effective at thwarting any misbehavior in the classroom without a word.

 In this event, teachers will perform one lesson. Competitors will be up against a class of squirely students eager to distract and derail the learning process. Armed with only nonverbal communication, teachers will use “the look” to have a successful period in the classroom. Points will be awarded for each successful implementation of “the look.”

Multiple Choice Grading Race

Every teacher has his own system. Some put stars on the right answers or exes on incorrect answers. Some use red pen to slash incorrect answers to make the paper bleed. Some use purple and green to soften the blows.

In this event, teachers will race to grade a ten-question multiple choice quiz in the shortest amount of time. Sticker choice and pen color choice are key in this event to get a high technical and artistic score.

Classroom Decoration - The Free Program

Teachers regularly use only construction paper and scissors to transport their students to different worlds throughout the year. A crafty teacher can easily create an unforgettable experience for all with only a few brown paper bags twisted into tangled rainforest vines students have to navigate to get around the room.

This event is a competition based on style and resourcefulness. Armed with only construction paper, scissors and masking tape, teachers will create the classroom of every child’s dreams. Teachers will be awarded points for creativity, unifying theme, and technical skills.

by Jessica Morana

Leave a comment below with any of your own ideas for a Teacher Olympic event.

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