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6 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Math Teacher

You or your child may have struggled with mathematical questions before the favorite math teacher came along. They made it a completely different experience whereby it was all about having fun with numbers.

A great math teacher is hard to find. Show your gratitude with one of these charming and unique gift ideas for your favorite math teacher.

Gift ideas for Math teachers in 2019

You want to make this a different year; a year of appreciation and you are wondering what gift would be the best for your best math teacher. You know that some gifts have become way too common or outdated and would like to give your math teacher something that comes close to matching all the effort they put in.

Here are some unique and budget gift ideas for teachers.

1. Branded and Personalized Items

Your math teacher takes his or her role seriously and gets personal when relating to each student when it comes to making it easier and fun for them to learn math. Therefore, you can also get a personalized gift for them.

Teacher shirts and mugs are the best options if you would like to make something special for a math teacher. Choose a shirt fabric and color that will not fade easily and also pick a ceramic mug which is safe to be put in a dishwasher or a microwave.

You can also opt to get a warm jumper for them. Some message ideas that are funny and creative include:

“I got 99 problems but my students solve all of them”
“Sorry, sometimes I go off on a tangent”
“Keep calm and love math”
“Keep calm and teach math”
“Parallel lines have so much in common, it’s a shame they don’t meet”
“I’m a math teacher, of course, I have problems”
“Math is f〖(u)〗^n”
"Weapons of math destruction”

Personalized gifts are not only limited to the mentioned examples. You can personalize pillows and pillowcases, tote bags and reusable bags, cell phone cases, posters, coasters, and bean bag chairs. If you know your teacher’s favorite color, you will be able to make a good pick.

2. Cool Stationery

Would you have ever thought that math was cool? In school, a math teacher’s daily tool is their stationery. You can pick a thoughtful piece for them and they shall always have you in mind whenever it is in their hand.

These gifts can also be personalized and you can get the teacher a calendar, notebook, planner, notepad or pencil holder that is uniquely designed for them. You can include their name and different mathematical expressions on the stationery.

3. Fridge Magnet

A fridge magnet is a unique idea which is thoughtful and sticks for a longer time, leaving a lasting impression of your expression of gratitude. You can get your math teacher a fridge magnet that has math formulations or funny math expressions. To ensure that the fridge magnet lasts log and does not fade away, you can get one that has UV protection.

4. Cloth Accessories

Some ties, keychains, earrings, cufflinks, and scarves have nice designs or mathematical expressions. Although these may be considered to be small gifts, they do make a big statement. By wearing them, your teacher will be distinguished as having math as their specialty. They will also have you in mind.

Such accessories can include mathematic equations and symbols such as E=mc², the Pi sign, or they may have the set square or protractor symbol. Another unique gift idea is a ruler bracelet, a trigonometry necklace or an apple they can always have every day- an apple bracelet.

5. Math Quiz Clock or Watch

Every moment counts and your math teacher may probably be one who does their best to always be on time. A quiz clock or watch is a unique gift because they or their students can tell the time by solving the equations. Such clocks are unique and have the mathematical twist to them.

6. Holiday Gifts

Holidays provide you with the perfect opportunity to gift your teacher. It will mean a lot to them when they know that you thought of them on such occasions. Pi day is a notable holiday on which math is celebrated.

You can gift them with unique items that have a Pi-related theme such as shirts or a Tower of Pi pencil holder. If your math teacher loves baking, you can get them baking gloves or equipment which have a math theme. During Christmas, you can get Christmas socks which have math-related expressions and equations.

You can also let them know that although they teach a different subject, they are still important and make a big impact. This can be done by gifting them an inspirational sign.

Your teacher is already doing a great job and if you feel they can learn more about being a great math teacher, you can look for a book with such a title. To keep the humor going, you can get your math teacher a math joke book.

Gift Ideas That Matter

Although it is commonly said that it is the thought that the counts, you can put your best effort in getting a creative gift for your math teacher. As a principal, parent or student, you do know how much effort the teacher has put in helping improve the marks so do leave a good mark to thank them in the form of a gift.

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