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TEACHER HUMOR: An Email Exchange - A Permanent Scar

Good Afternoon,

This is Ms. Smith, you’re son’s science teacher. I just wanted to touch base and make you aware of an incident that occurred in class today involving your son, Nathan. Today, the class was creating diagrams and coloring in the planets of the solar system with crayons, and Nathan decided to stick several crayons up his nose while I was working with another student. When one of the crayons broke, a piece of it seemed to get lodged in his nasal cavity. When he expressed his discomfort to me, I sent him down to the health office immediately. Fortunately, the nurse was able to completely remove the crayon completely, and Nathan was able to return to class in a timely manner. He seemed fine, but I just wanted to give you a heads up in case his nose still bothers him at home.

I’ll admit that I did not think it was necessary to tell 7th graders not to put crayons up their noses, but in science class, we do encourage experimentation.

Thank you, Ms. Smith


Dear Ms. Smith

Thank you for making us aware of this incident. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to understand how you were neglecting enough to let this happen while Nathan is in your care. I understand that you were working with other students, but if you had been watching Nathan, as your job dictates, you would have been able to catch him before this incident occurred. At this point, it is very possible that the inside of his left nostril will have a permanent scar from the scratch left by the crayon. A permanent scar! Can you imagine going through life with permanent scarring because your teacher couldn’t be bothered to do her job?

Because of this egregious error on your part, we have contacted our lawyers about how to handle this issue. They have suggested - before legal action - to demand that you take responsibility and remove all crayons, pencils, and narrow writing implements from your classroom in order to ensure the safety of Nathan and all students.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Mrs. Jones


-By Jessica Morana

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