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Make your Classroom the GOAT


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Make your classroom the Greatest of All Time! As teachers, we take so much care into ensuring that our students are comfortable in our classrooms that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Add the following to your classroom to create an environment that uplifts, energizes and inspires you and your students.


A pop of color can go a long way! Because school walls are often light neutral colors like beige, yellow beige, or khaki-pant-tan, adding color can really brighten the room. Educational posters, wall decorations, banners, strings of lights, and even colorful student work can add life to a classroom. Fill the room with things that are your favorite color.

Pro-tip: Avoid Red. While red is a strong color that communicates strength and power - this can backfire. It can subliminally heighten aggression and angry feelings.

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Add a Cozy Corner

The area around your desk is your domain. Personalize it and fill it with things that will make you happy and comfortable. Posting pictures of your friends and family on the wall is a great way to remind you of the people that you love, but will also show your students that you have a life outside the walls of your classroom.

Find cute desk organizers and decorate your space with tchotchkes from your travels. Tape up or use tacks to hang up letters from previous students, and reminders about upcoming fun events. Absolutely hang certificates of achievement, 5K Race numbers and anything else that will constantly remind you that your life is full of success and happiness even if your lesson that day didn’t go exactly as you planned (which happens sometimes we’re only human).

Pro-tip: Students are curious! Don’t put anything up that you are not willing to talk about. You will get questions about the photo of your dog, a picture of you and your partner or even the ice cream that you’re eating in the photo with your best friend.

Plants, Plants, Plants

Plants are the most literal symbol of the learning and development happening in the classroom. They’re also a reminder that every day, your plants and your students will grow. Not only will the plants add even more color to your room, but they’ll also help freshen your classroom air. Plants are natural filters - since not every classroom has the greatest air circulation(or in many cases - any air circulation), your plants will work overtime to provide clean refreshing oxygen for you day and night.

Pro-tip 1: Avoid flowering plants. Pollen allergies are increasingly common. Take care no not put your students in uncomfortable or potentially asthma-inducing situations.

Pro-tip 2: Avoid cacti or anything thorny. Kids love to touch everything. Enough said.

by Jessica Morana

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