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Science shirts for teachers are here for the best science teacher gifts that would make any science nerd jealous. Our nerdy tees have the best science puns, jokes, and reminders that you’re the smartest teacher in the school. Don’t tell the math teachers we said that!

Our science teacher shirts make great gifts for teachers of biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, oceanography, and any other sciences taught in your high school or university.  If we left you out, please just start commenting all over the blog to tell us what a bad job we’re doing.  Most of these t-shirts are good enough for middle school teachers, high school teachers, and college professors.

Faculty Loungers is a small family run business, but most of the family here loved their science teachers and classes so much in school. We had some funny science teachers that would get really into entertaining their students with some shirts like these. Whether it was a Pi Day or Mole Day celebration, a lesson about Galileo, or a confusing lecture on space-time, these awesome teachers kept it fun to learn.

The science teacher gifts below are sort of a thank you to our favorite educators from middle school, high school, and even some of those quirky college professors we got lucky with.

Lately we have been expanding into other styles of clothing and gift ideas to include hoodies, mugs, and raglan shirts.  Please feel free to email us if you have any ideas for a nerdy shirt or a unique science teacher gift that you want us to try and make.  We'd be happy to make some custom gifts if possible.

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